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Whether you want an upgrade on your current installation or need a complete installation for your newly build venue, we are your perfect partner, pragmatic, creative, high-tech and hard working, we’ll get the most out of your budget!

  • Advice

    We are specialized in simplifying lightning installations to be run wireless from an iPad so you can walk around or even control the lights from your iPhone!

  • Planning

    Whether a permanent installation or upgrade, we will help you plan the right system for your venue. Our knowledge is kept up-to-date so we can keep your facility or organization up-to-date with the latest technology on the market.


Are you not happy with your current lighting installation because it is way to difficult to operate? Call us, we use Visual Productions solutions like the Cuetey or Cuelux Pro that can be operated from an iPad or touchscreen. Pre-programmed, fool proof and affordable!

  • Interface

    Lighting automation consists of a main brain or controller, dimming technology, user interfaces, and integration capabilities.

  • Controle

    We provides the tools to fully implement lighting with the full enjoyment of their luxury spaces.


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