The DJ’s visual brother

Whether it concerns the opening of a museum, gala, tv-show or a spectacular show of an artist: amazing animations and projections are almost indispensable. Such images are made by a VJ: the DJ’s visual brother.

In a short time a new creative hi-tech scene has emerged that is all about visual illusions and the creation of a virtual decor. This can be tough techno, but also opera productions or exhibitions in museums in combination with dance, for example.

Timing is Everything

A veejay is only a veejay if he can make his own images. With a camera and video editing software. With Photoshop and After Effects, with 3D programs such as 3ds Max or Cinema 4D, or with special mapping software.

It sometimes takes months to prepare for a show – but then it also gets incredibly cool! During the show itself, timing is everything. The VJ provides the right images at the right time.

Digital Effects

Crucial at a fashion show or concert, for example. During parties, the VJ has a whole battery of digital effects to create atmosphere and tempo.
For this they use video mixers such as the Roland V800 HD mixer, and mixing programs such as Resolume.

A good VJ works together with the DJ, musicians, dancers and light people to ensure that the audience gets to see one fantastic experience .