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My name is Michiel,
I’m a VJ.

It took only one party to realize that this was what I was looking for. After being a sound engineer for a decade, a little fixed install sidestep, VJ’ing would become the next big thing in my life.

Super Duck

Armed with a new laptop, a controller and about zero knowledge I jumped into the dark, tried to get into the VJ academy, with no luck. But sooner then expected I teamed up with the late Jeroen “Superduck” Jansen who tought me how to VJ and maybe even more important, how to be a VJ!

Jeroen Jansen
Gay Pride
Gay Pride

Not even 4 months in I did my first huge gig at the Amsterdam Gay pride, the Rembrandtsquare for 8000 people, making every rookie mistake you can make.


But from there on, things went really fast. Quitting my job early 2013, a bit of luck, some cheekiness and help from friends I ended up in Ibiza for a summer residency at the newly renovated Superclub Eden.

It’s there that I got to learn a lot of people from the industry but also worked a mad ball schedule to get everything done.

Eden - Ibiza

Once back it took a while to get a steady base of work, but countless gigs, festivals, corporate jobs and crazy events later I can say in all modesty that Apalooza Visuals, or Spikkelpaard VJ has grown into a mature company, capable of doing almost every event, alone or in collaboration with others.

And I cannot express enough how humbling it still is to get a call and be booked for an event. So to all my existing clients I want to say; “Thank you!” For all the new ones I would say; “Give me a call and I’m sure we’ll team up and challenge each other to bring out the best!”

So what I said back in 2012 is still true. Spikkelpaard VJ will push the boundaries of screens, software and machines to give you the best possible result within your budget!

Thank you for your interest,

Why Choose Me?

unique vision

I have a different approach towards events then others. With a lifelong background in sound engineering on one side and being a clubber on the other, I developed a creative pragmatic mind that visualizes the end result in my head. I know what people want to see when they are expecting a awesome show!

Professional skills

With 30+ years working in the event and music industry there is nothing that can’t be accomplished by working closely together with others, trusting them to do their part as I do mine. Being flexible when things change in the last minutes, is all part of the deal, saving you a headache when the start of the event is there!

Perfect Equipment

Being a techie and a geek I spend most of my money on equipment and keeping everything updated. Working from the vision that I want to have everything under control, the signal paths, the VJ machines, cables, routing and of course a gigantic VJ loop library now approx. 15Tb big build over the last 8 years!